Time flies by in Bristol

27. Dezember 2017

Day to day work at PwC in Bristol

Upon a request of my colleagues, I am writing this blog post in English. As the headline already says the time unfortunately flies by here in Bristol. Almost 4 months have passed and therefore just a couple of weeks are left until I have to leave this beautiful city. I really enjoy working in the PwC office in Bristol because the colleagues are all super friendly, helpful and patient when it comes to explain things I don’t understand and where I need more background information. What I also found really useful is that in the beginning everyone gets a people manager allocated who is responsible for your development and helps you when you have any issues. I usually had a meeting with him once a month where he wanted to know how I find everything and in what kind of areas I would like to get a deeper look insight. PwC puts therefore emphasis on your interests and tries to make sure that you learn and see as much as possible during your internship!

In December the tax department has their busy season as most of the companies have their year-end by the end of December and that means that all the tax returns have to be submitted by the end of this month. Hence, I spent most of time the last three weeks with preparing and submitting tax computations. This was really interesting as they are using a different software program than we do in Germany and their tax legislation differs from ours as well. Furthermore, I am also supporting our Global mobility team sometimes which is responsible for the expatriates. I really enjoy working for them as you get an insight into how much administrative work is behind expatriates of companies.

I am also part in the team which is responsible for the tax audit of a big client. I am really thankful that I could be part of the audit and make that experience, as you usually don’t get an insight into the audit working life in Germany when you are working in tax. The working hours might be intense but it is a really good experience because you learn a lot during that time. Additionally you have immediate contact with the client as you are usually staying for a week at the client’s side. You also work in small teams consisting of a director and/or senior manager, manager and senior associate. This is a really unique experience as you get to work close with a senior manager, manager and therefore your learning curve is immense.

Therefore, I am really happy with my internship and really thankful for the experiences I have made so far.

Bristol City

Although the winter has arrived and the days are getting shorter, this does not mean anything bad as you sometimes get to see a really nice sunrise (see picture above) on the way to work as well as a really nice sunset after work or while you are at work.

It is also surprisingly warm in Bristol. During the day we have around 6-12 degrees. Looking back the last 4 months, I am positively surprised by the weather in the UK as it has not rained that much. I would rather say that the weather has been better than in many parts of Germany.

The Christmas time here in UK is lovely as the people love Christmas. All the Christmas markets starting here around mid-November and you hear Christmas music everywhere. On top of that you also see people wearing Christmas jumpers everywhere. Last week we had our Christmas party with PwC and almost everyone in the office was wearing and supposed to wear a Christmas jumper in the office on that day.

Traveling within the UK

As you may have recognised from my previous blog posts I love traveling. Therefore, I try to explore as much as possible on the weekends while I am here in the UK.


Four weeks ago another stairway intern “Lydia“ was visiting me in Bristol and we did a day trip to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It takes about 1,5 hours to get there by train and the train goes directly from Bristol to Cardiff. I would definitely recommend going to Cardiff as it is a really nice city and has really nice Bay area. But it is to say that it can be freezing over there. If someone is interested in rugby, they have a big stadium with big games being played there.





Three weeks ago I did a day trip to Stonehenge. It takes about two hours by train. It was a nice day trip and the city Salisbury is really cute.




Edinburgh and the Highlands

Two weeks ago I went with Lydia to Edinburgh, which is about a 1-hour flight from Bristol. Edinburgh is my favourite city in the UK. It is lovely in every corner. It is a really old and historic city and for me the most beautiful one in the UK. The Christmas market is huge and one of the most beautiful I have ever been to. There is so much to see that I definitely want to visit it again.


We also did a 12 hours tour to Loch Ness through the Highlands. The area of the Highlands is stunning. The landscape of Scotland is amazing as you can see on the pictures below. We were pretty lucky with the weather as it hadn’t rained during our three days in Scotland.