It’s time to say goodbye

6. März 2018

My last blog post is going to be a summary of the whole internship highlighting the reasons why I would encourage everyone to apply for an internship at PwC in Bristol.

PwC Bristol

  • First of all, the team. The people I was working with in the tax service line are incredibly helpful and friendly. It was very easy to socialize with them and there was always a good working atmosphere. Whenever I had questions I could always ask and they never hesitated to help me.
  • The second reason is the different kind of work I dealt with within those five months, be it compliance work regarding to expatriates, going on the client’s side for an audit of tax with immediate client contact, UK corporate tax compliance work or business development work.
  • The third reason is the many social events offered by PwC in Bristol, which were always a good opportunity not just to get to know the colleagues of your service line better but also to socialize with people from the other service lines. It enables you to expand your network!

Furthermore, working five months in a British tax team, which means being just surrendered by English speaking people the whole time, daily email correspondence in English and immediate client contact, helped me to bring my English up to a next level.


The city Bristol

Bristol was recently voted for one of the coolest cities within the UK and as a city everyone should put on their bucket list, and I really understand why. Before I applied for an internship in Bristol, I have never heard of the city before. Now however, I can really say that I fell in love with it for many reasons, like the food markets, the street art, the harbour, and the live music which is played in many bars and of course the people!

My favourite area in Bristol was the harbour side. I spent most of the time there especially on the weekends. There are always many people around and on the weekends there is a food market where you can get super tasty food for a good price. You can do boat tours on the river and during summer and autumn you can also do Stand-up paddle boarding there.




Traveling within the UK

As you may have recognised from my other blog post, I really like to travel around and explore new cities. Therefore, I can also recommend to apply for an internship in Bristol as there are so many beautiful places to visit within the UK. It is very easy to travel around either by train or plane on the weekends. Everything is really close by. During my internship I have visited all the UK capital cities and others such as Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Stonehenge, Liverpool, Manchester and London.



In January I did my last city trip and went to Cambridge with a friend. Cambridge is a really nice city and worth visiting. I think the best time to go there is in the summer or in autumn when the temperature is still mild and it is not too cold for a punting tour on the river Camp. In January we didn’t do one because we felt it was too cold. However, it was a really nice trip as we did a free walking tour, where the tour guide told us everything about the history of the city. There are also very nice coffee places and restaurants around.


I hope all my blog posts could convince you to apply for an internship at PwC in Bristol. The internship in Bristol is not just to great opportunity to gain working experience within a UK tax team but also to get to know a lovely city as well as a beautiful country and to socialise with great people!